About us

First Theatre of Soap Bubbles is unique theater, which successfully combines spectacular fairy tales, brilliant acting, wonderful music and, of course, all sorts of tricks with soap bubbles!

Our theater is known and loved not only in Ukraine. We have gained a lot of new viewers in Russia, Moldova, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Qatar!

There three original performance in the repertoire the " First Theatre of Soap Bubbles ".

Bright show fascinates not only children but also adults - not everyone succeeded to touch extremely light and delicate soap ball, much less to get there into it! Are you ready to see something totally magical and unusual, something that can happen only where real miracles live?

If yes, then come to our shows and discover the world of wonder and soap magic! Iridescent and "fluffy" bubbles, wizardry with a smoke, and of course, the giant soap balls!

All of this awaits for you at our performances!

You will make sure that the bubbles can be tamed, and we are ready to share with you our magic as with the best friends!

Plunge into the world of childhood and pleasure with the whole family! Together cheerfully!!!