«Formula of the bubble of happiness»

This is one of the most funny and unusual children's plays, where the main characters are soap bubbles!
The inhabitants of the magic country and students of the special, "Bul-Bul School" Soapy and Bubbly learn interesting science - the magic of soap bubbles.
To find the recipe for happiness bubble, they have to contend with a Master Trickster and turn all of his abusive, teasing, suffering bubbles in laughing!
Of course Soapy and Bubbly cannot manage without help - a brilliant Academician of Soap Magic Dilly. He is observing them by Soap-Skype and helping in complex tasks.
And wonderful pleases everyone by magic bubble-rain.
Plunge into the world of childhood and pleasure with whole family!
Together - more fun!

Duration - 1 hour.





Master Trickster

Academician Dilly

Idea: Natalia Danilova, Sergey Kiselev.

Music: Sergey Kiselev.

Production: Natalia Danilova.