«Big Boule-Boule Show or Freaks Master Trickster»

In the amazing magic country of giant soap bubbles – Bubbleland everything flowed as usual!
Professor of magic "Boule Boule" school Master Trickster waiting for his 120 year anniversary, was interested in reading fairy tales and magical books.
But who could have imagined that the book, which he opens, would turn him into an evil troll, and inhabitants of the magic country would draw in amazing and incredible adventures! A fabulous "Distorting soap- bubble mirror", which Master created, would turn all " Bubbleland " on its head!
Bubbly will invent " Boule- Mobil", and the master will decrease to incredible sizes and will arrange a real dance Battle!
How can students of magic "Boule-Boule" school Soapy and Bubbly get out of this soapy-funny and fantastically – bubble story?

«Big Boule-Boule Show» - a fairy tale for the whole family.

Duration - 1h. 10 minutes.




Master Trickster

Idea: Natalia Danilova, Sergey Kiselev.

Music: Sergey Kiselev.

Production: Natalia Danilova.