«Soap Opera»

Country Bubbleland, so loved by the audience, invites everyone once again. You will enjoy extraordinary humorous and fantastic adventures. Soap-music ring will compete two of the great mages and composers of Bubbleland Master of bubble music Master Trickster and Academician of soap-music Dilly! Master Trickster would be naughty and make you laugh again... but no! Not Master, whole 5 Masters !!! Our old prankster will create his own clones for the sake of victory! Academician Freaks and his team of students of magic Bul-Bul school will shock by inflating bubbles directly from different kinds of musical instruments!
You have not seen it yet !!! Whose team would be stronger? Who would be voted the best composer of Bubbleland? Who would have the honor to play the most magical soap opera?
You will be a bystander of how the orchestra of 1 million bubbles will play a musical masterpiece!!! Unique effects, giant soap bubbles, amazing tricks and magical surprises!!! All this and even much more interesting things are waiting for you at the musical play for the whole family "Soap Opera"!!